Growth Cafe Privacy Policy

Effective date: 20 May 2017

Growth Cafe allows employees of an organization to collaborate and share information at work more effectively. This Privacy Policy describes how and when your information is collected, used and shared by Growth Cafe when you, your colleagues or other users use the Growth Cafe platform (which includes the Growth Cafe websites, apps and related online services that link to this Privacy Policy, which we call the "Services").

The Services are intended for use by organizations and in accordance with their instructions. If you are using the Services in a Growth Cafe or on a device or account issued to you by your employer or another organization (your "Organization"), that Organization is likely to have its own policies regarding storage, access, modification, deletion and retention of information that you submit or provide through the Services.

This means that your Organization has the right to (i) control and administer your Growth Cafe account ("Your Account") and (ii) access and process any data that you submit or provide through the Services, including, for example, your files and communications. Please contact your Organization with any privacy enquiries regarding policies, including any enterprise agreements with Growth Cafe, that it has in place regarding your use of the Services.


Growth Cafe may collect the following kinds of information on behalf of your Organization when you, your colleagues or other users access the Services:

Customer data. Through use of the Services, you, your colleagues, your Organization and other users will directly provide or submit information to Growth Cafe ("Customer Data"). Customer Data includes, for example:

Log and cookie data. We automatically collect certain information on your Organization's behalf through the Services, such as your Internet protocol (IP) address and other browser or device identifiers, browser type, operating system, crash data, Internet service provider, pages that you visit before and after using the Services, the date and time of your visit, information about your activities (such as the links that you click and pages that you view) within the Services and other standard server log information ("Log and Cookie Data").

In order to provide the Services on behalf of your Organization, we may use cookies, pixel tags, local storage objects and similar technologies to automatically collect this information. By using the Services, you consent to our use of cookies and similar technologies.

Your browser or device may offer settings related to these technologies. For more information about whether these settings are available, what they do and how they work, visit your browser or device's help material. We may not recognize or respond to browser or device signals around tracking, and some settings may interfere with your use of features that we offer. Additionally, the settings offered by a browser or device often only apply to that particular browser or device.

We also receive information from our third-party partners on your Organisation's behalf for some of the purposes described in Section II below.


Growth Cafe will use the information that we collect to provide, develop and improve the Services on your Organization's behalf and in accordance with any other instructions from your Organization. Examples of such use include:

We may also use the information that we collect to operate, maintain and improve the systems and infrastructure that provide the Services. You and your Organization authorize us to do so and acknowledge that this may also result in improvements to the Growth Cafe Services, as centralized systems and infrastructure that support the Services. For example, we may use crash logs from your use of the Services to identify and fix bugs that may also be present in the Growth Cafe Services.


We may, as directed or approved by your Organization, disclose the information that we collect in the following circumstances:

Legal requests. If we receive a subpoena, warrant, discovery order or other request or order from a law enforcement agency, court, other governmental entity or litigant that seeks data relating to the Services (collectively a "Legal Request"), we will make reasonable attempts to direct the requesting party to seek the data directly from your Organization. If we ask the requesting party to direct the request to the Organization, we will provide your Organization's contact information to the requesting party. If legally compelled to produce information and unless legally prohibited, we will use reasonable efforts to notify your Organization so that they can notify you pursuant to your Organization's policies and as permitted by law. We will direct any requests for information under data protection laws to your Organization, unless prohibited by law.


We use the information that we have to help verify accounts and activity and to promote safety and security on and off our Services on your Organization's behalf, such as by investigating suspicious activity or violations of our terms or policies. We work hard to protect Your Account using teams of engineers, automated systems and advanced technology such as encryption and machine learning. For example, we may deploy automated technologies to detect abusive behavior and content, such as child pornography, that may harm our Services, you, other users, your Organization or others.


You and your Organization may access, correct or delete information that you have uploaded to the Services using the tools within the Services (for example, editing your profile information or via the Activity Log) provided by us on behalf of your Organization. If you are not able to do so using the tools provided in the Services, you should contact your Organization directly to access or modify your information.

Changes that you make to your information on the Services take immediate effect on your specific network, but data will be retained by Growth Cafe in backup copies for a commercially reasonable amount of time and as directed by your Organization.


In providing the Services to you and in using the service providers referred to in this Privacy Policy, you understand that information may be stored or processed by us in different locations around the world on your Organization's behalf.


Some of the Services may contain links to content maintained by third parties that we do not control. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of these third parties, and we recommend that you view the privacy policies of each website that you visit.


If you would like to stop using the Services, you should contact your Organization. Similarly, if you stop working for or with the Organization, the Organization may suspend Your Account and/or delete any information associated with Your Account. Please note that content you create and share on the Services is owned by your Organization and may remain on the Services and be accessible even if your Organization deactivates or terminates Your Account. In this way, content that you provide on the Services is similar to other types of content (such as presentations or memos) that you may generate in the course of your work.


We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. When we update the Privacy Policy, we will revise the "Effective date" date above and post the new Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our practices, please first contact us via your Organization's account manager because, as stated above, your use of our Services is likely to be subject to your Organization's own policies.

If you wish to learn more about our privacy practices, please contact your Organization or us by email at