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GrowthCafe is a cloud-based environment where social, micro, experiential, mobile professional development is culturally deployed in an organization. This serves the purpose of scaling an organization with a continually developing workforce in pursuit of professional excellence.
We will populate our platform with your brilliant content for distribution within your organization. We are SCORM compliant (and have capability to support TinCan and xAPI), allowing for a template-oriented construction of courses. Of course, our nimble company can assist you with custom lesson structures, creative course deployment, and fully protected content management to assure safety, security, and satisfaction.
GrowthCafe began in 2015 as a consultancy back-end supported LMS designed for reinforced training of the consultant. Although we still support a consultancy business model, we shortly thereafter decided to enter the enterprise professional development market with a different approach. Studies have confirmed that 68% of the enterprise workforce is disengaged, even as companies have tried using Learning Management Systems to educate and engage them. Our platform was already rich in features that would enhance any organization from a cultural enhancement perspective, so we recently have relaunched as a professional development system, culturally deployed into companies to enhance all aspects of learning, not just knowledge transfer.
We believe our pricing should fall in line with a company’s budgetary responsibilities. With that in mind we are willing to work within the budget your company has set forth to enhance their workforce with professional development at a culturally deployed level. Connect with us to determine how we can serve your company’s desires to have a more scalable and profitable company.
That is such a great question. We are so much more. Our approach doesn’t just transfer knowledge and tests comprehension, we go much further with the integration of social training, micro lesson structures, mobile enhanced learning and a sentiment analysis, confirming your workforce is actually enjoying their journey to becoming professionally developed to your expectations.
Simple…we have many new innovative, cutting edge, technical advances to deploy, such as Augmented Reality in a learning environment, we will call it aLearning, as opposed to eLearning. Virtual reality as a tool for an immersive learning experience, and a learning AI that will enhance the interaction between the user and the platform. Stay in touch with us as we begin to share these new enhancements to GrowthCafe’s platform.